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The world is a vast farm of God’s creations. It is filled with a variety of plants, animals, and people. It provides us with the natural resources needed for our daily necessities. Though just like any other farm, it needs both nonliving and living beings to exist harmoniously, side-by-side. Truly, all living creatures rely on one another to stay alive, as each one of them has their own duty in keeping this “farm” lively and flourishing. As humans, we must do our part, such as keeping God’s “farm” in good condition and avoiding activities that may harm the environment. This could include living sustainably, practicing the conservation of water and energy, following the famous “reduce, reuse, recycle”, and so much more. Besides its well-being, humans are capable of uncovering the farm’s secrets and mysteries. There is still so much more to uncover in God’s great “farm”, beyond the things humans have already seen. God’s “farm” is timeless with an incomparable beauty. God’s “farm” is LUZYFARM.


If the world is a luzyfarm how will the people live?

In a world without gadgets

They will live happily  and care for nature and others

The world will be a wonderful place and a place with peace and love

And everyone will live in peace and no war


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